DANA MOLINA, director of communications


Hi, my name is Dana Molina, and I’m excited to be at Queen of Peace! I just started earlier this year, editing the bulletin and information screens. I’m originally from Chicago and moved to Colorado in 2012. (I’m definitely liking the winters much better here!). But when I get the chance, I like to go back to visit my parents, older sister and brother-in-law.
I grew up Catholic, but I really reconnected with my faith a few years ago. I must admit, I was very lukewarm for a long time. But after facing some difficulty after college, God gave me the grace to turn to Him and His church. He opened the door for me to begin a new walk of faith, which has slowly reintroduced me to many things, like the beauty of the Sacraments, of spending time with His Word and of being in communion with other faithful.
 I am so grateful that I now get to serve God here at Queen of Peace.