Hey there! I am Deacon Efra Pruneda. I have been married to Lili for 30 years and have three boys: Efrain 28, Eduardo 25 who is married to my beautiful daughter in law Jill, and Ricardo 19. We moved to Denver from Toluca, Mexico in 1999. Even though I am a cradle Catholic, I didn’t know my faith nor had a relationship with Christ. So when we moved to this country, I felt alone in a foreign land, with no friends or family other than my wife and my children. It was then when we stated attending Mass at Queen of Peace that the homilies I heard for the first time in my life ignited a fire in my soul, and the Lord opened my heart to His love! I didn’t find God, he found me! So in 2011 I entered the seminary to become a Permanent Deacon.

My favorite thing about the Catholic Church is that all the rites and things that we do as Catholics include using all our senses. When we are at church, we see beautiful images and statues, we hear beautiful chants and prayers, we touch holy water to enter, we smell incense and taste bread and wine that are actually the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. God not only gave us a religion to listen, he gave us a profound faith where we get to love Him with all our senses!