FR. fernando londoño  


My name is Fernando Freddy Londoño Guerra, I was born and raised in Colombia, as the third son in a family of four brothers, and I am 32 years old.

I decided to enter the seminary after my dad passed away. My relationship with him wasn’t good. I was very rebellious and I had many problems with him and with the rest of my family. In April 2005, in a matter of a week my dad got very sick and died. But thanks to His mercy, the Lord granted me the opportunity to reconcile with him the morning before he passed. When we reconciled, I experienced the forgiveness of my sins and I felt the love of Jesus Christ like never before. I saw that He loved me the way I was. This changed my life completely. Then, the Lord gave me clarity to realize that there were many others experiencing suffering just like I did. He made me see that "they too need to listen that Christ loves them and forgives them.” Four months later, I decided to enter the seminary so I arrived in Denver in February 2006, to begin my priestly formation at Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

At the beginning, it was difficult because of the language and the culture, but little by little, the Lord helped me. Now that I am ordained, I see that the priesthood is the best thing that happened to me. I trust the Lord and know that He will help me in this ministry. I am so glad to begin this journey at Queen of Peace with all the people, especially because I have known Father Felix for a long time, so I thank the Lord that I am starting my priesthood in such a good way and I look forward to learn from him, and to work together in communion.

One of the many things I love about the Catholic Church is how the Holy Spirit gives us Communion to become one Body of Christ. One example that comes to mind is how when I was at the seminary, there were men in formation from 14 different countries, all speaking different languages, coming from different cultures and ideas, yet the Holy Spirit gave us Communion and enabled us to speak one common language, the language of God. Now that I am part of Queen of Peace, I see that people here also come many different countries. It is beautiful to see how the Lord allows us to live in Communion while we all speak the same language.