(All youth are invited to join one of the groups below, and all are welcome to be a part of these ministries as a volunteer, to help our youth grow in their faith.)

Ballet Folklorico (Spanish): A group of youth who meet weekly to learn Mexican folkloric dance. They perform at large parish functions.  All youth are welcome.  Contact: Virginia Mireya Ramirez

Called by Name: Program for young men and women who have been nominated by the community as someone who may have a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. The youth attend dinners and events and listen to speakers in order to help them have direction as they discern the Lord’s calling. Volunteers help organize dinners and events. Contact: Johnathon Prather

Middle and High School Youth Groups: Queen of Peace has multiple youth groups for middle and high school students. They meet an evening during the week to learn about and grow in their faith in a welcoming and fun environment. They are also invited to attend Mass together on Sunday, have meals together, and attend field trips. Contact: Biratu Tolessa

Quinceañeras (Spanish): Each month, Queen of Peace celebrates up to four quinceañeras, a 15th birthday celebration, traditional in Latin America. Unique to the parish, the young women and other youth involved in the party must attend a series of talks in preparation. These help guide them in their role as young men and women. Contact: Amalia Figueroa

Religious Education Program:  Volunteer teachers lead children in Religious Education classes to a closer relationship with God and a better understanding of the faith.  Contact:  Gabi Braud

Internship Program: This program welcomes teens to intern at Queen of Peace three days a week, for 5 hours, learning communication, maintenance, education, horticulture, administrative, hospitality, culinary, and music skills. Contact:  Johnathon Prather

Totus Tuus is a Catholic summer youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel through catechesis, Christian witness, Eucharistic worship, and Marian devotion. The goal of Totus Tuus is to help young people grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and have fun in the process. Volunteers are always welcome.  Contact:  

Young Adults Group is a place where young adults can grow spiritually and belong to a community of young people, to know more about the faith and to have an encounter with Christ through activities and events. Contact:  Ivan Sanchez



Betanias (Spanish): A group of women who meet weekly to discuss issues such as immigration, health issues, parenting, grandparenting, marriage, and divorce through the perspective of a woman. Contact: Amalia Figueroa

Endow: Transforming the hearts and minds of women by inviting them into the joy, freedom, and dignity that come from living out their authentic femininity in Christ. Contact: Val Goshorn, Valerie Bailey, Magda Renteria

That Man is You:  an interactive, multimedia men’s program meeting early morning once a week to develop authentic male leadership, especially for men who have children at home.  The group, varying in age, study the leadership role that has been entrusted to men by God and addresses the temptations and struggles men face in a culture that attacks authentic manhood.  Contact:  Jeff Cann

Well-Read Mom is made up of a group of women who gather to discuss classical literary works from the western and Catholic tradition. Contact: Sarah Sehorn

Baptism Classes: Parents of children, from infants to 6 years-old, attend two classes which help them learn to raise their children in the faith.  Please contact the parish office to sign up.

Couples for Christ: A movement born out of the Bayanihan Society, which focuses on renewing Christian family values.  Contact:  Aurelio Guinto

Marriage Encounter (Spanish) / Encuentro Matrimonial: Esta DIOS en su Matrimonio? Están buscando la manera de incluir a DIOS en sus vidas? Descubran cómo hacerlo en un Fin De Semana del Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial! El Fin De Semana del Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial es un programa de 44 horas en donde las parejas pueden alejarse del trabajo, los niños, el teléfono y las tareas de la casa para enfocarse solamente en el uno para el otro. Contact: Mario y Laura Becerra

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico (Spanish): Es un grupo de familias católicas que unen sus esfuerzos para promover los valores humanos y cristianos de la familia. Por medio de la comunicación y el diálogo.buscando matrimonios más unidos mayor comprensión entre padres e hijos. Para tener un estilo de vida más familiar y teniendo a cristo como centro de tu vida así podremos encontrar la felicidad en nuestro hogar  Contacto: Francisco Madera

Wedding Preparation: Following marriage preparation, helps couples plan their wedding ceremony.  Contact: Analee Arredondo (English) Nora Castillo (Spanish)

Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

Archdiocesan Biblical and Catechetical School: Biblical classes offered every Fall and Spring available to adults throughout Northern Colorado. Contact: Johnathon Prather

Little Rock Scripture Bible study:  English session – Meet once a week from September to May for six-week sessions to learn about God’s Word and study different topics and books of the Bible.  There is a small cost for the materials.  Check weekly bulletin for information regarding topic, class time and location.  Contact:  Marlene Thurston

Neocatechumenal Way: Post-baptismal itinerary of faith for adults and youth. Contact:  Mark Fritz

Parent Classes: All parents of Religious Education students are invited to take weekly classes to learn about what their children are learning in class and as a help for them to pass on the faith to the children. All are welcome. Contact: Biratu Tolessa

RCIA: Preparation for adults entering the Catholic Church.  It is an itinerary of learning and being immersed in the life of the Church lasting 9-10 months. The group meets weekly and walks together toward reception of the Sacraments of initiation. Contact: Jim Daly

Talleres de la biblia:  Spanish sessions - Meet once a week from September to May for six week sessions to learn about God’s Word and study different topics and books of the Bible.  There is a small cost for the materials.  Check weekly bulletin for information regarding topic, class time and location.  Contact:  Lillian Voll



Apostolate of the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish): Thus, the apostolate of the Virgin's holy mantle, which began in Guadalajara, Mexico, to pray for the sick and needy by covering them with the mantle, has reached Queen of Peace. Come and listen to the call of the Blessed Virgin to share in this beautiful ministry. Contact: Yajaira Delgado

Blue Army: The apostolate’s mission is to help people learn, live and spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima in communion with the Church and in concert with The New Evangelization.

Charismatic Prayer Group (Spanish): Its goal is to renew and strengthen the Holy Spirit received in baptism to serve the mission itself, thus being God's instrument in the service of the same and under the full obedience to their pastors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Contact: Edilberto Garcia y Brenda Marcelo

Divine Mercy Cenacle: Focuses on meditating and educating on the Divine Mercy. Contact is:  Eileen Czapa-Haslam

Perpetual Adoration/Holy Hour: Spend one hour a week in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The Perpetual Adoration Committee schedules and organizes people for perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament so that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is at least one person in the Adoration Chapel.  Contact: Stephanie Cain

administrative & leadership

administrative & leadership

Building Committee is composed of a small group of invited professionals with expertise in the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, and the like, to plan and advise the pastor on building matters, specifically, the new parish center.  If you may have skills to share in this area, please contact: Dennis Haberkorn

Capital Fundraising Committee: A group of parishioners with passion for the new parish center project who together brainstorm and advise pastor on the raising of funds for the new parish center. If you are interested, please contact Dana Molina

Reception Volunteer: Volunteer to greet and welcome parishioners and direct them to the assistance they need. Contact: Johnathon Prather.

Other Needs: Data entry as needed.

outreach & Caring for the Church

outreach & Caring for the Church

Altar Linen Ministry: Care for the linens used at the sacred liturgy. Linens are picked up on a regular schedule, cleaned and returned to the church. Activities include washing, pressing and cleaning of the purificators, corporals and all other linens used for the sacred liturgy as necessary.

Church Housekeeping:  Meets once weekly to clean the church and altar to maintain the cleanliness of the worship area.  Activities include wiping down pews, removing wax from candlesticks, dusting ledges and cleaning other out-of-the way places.  Contact:  Stephanie Cain

Floral Ministry: Meets weekly to create floral arrangements that enhance the beauty of the Worship and Gathering space and create an atmosphere where the celebration of a liturgical Church season or feast is accentuated. Men and women are welcome. Contact:  Barbara Norman 9704004875.

Pew Crew: is a team of volunteers who help place items in the pews and straighten pew pockets before or after each Mass.

Bereavement Ministry: is a group of volunteers that assists families in the immediate grieving and ongoing healing process, after the loss of a loved one. Contact: Nancy Shelton

Friends of St. Andrew is the only soup kitchen in Aurora, serving 30,000 people each year. It has been in the community for more than 30 years. Volunteers provide hot meals from 10am-1pm every weekday, food baskets, IDs, job assistance, and a mailing address where those who are homeless can receive mail. It is financially supported fully by Queen of Peace Catholic Parish.

Funeral Ministry: Volunteers assist families in funeral planning - from the initial contact, to organizing services (planning music, readings, etc.) Contact: Nancy Shelton

Gabriel House Project is a ministry of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver. Queen of Peace is part of a network of parishes that assist families throughout Northern Colorado. Volunteers offer material, emotional and spiritual help to pregnant women and families with young children. Contact: Norma Powers

Knights of Columbus are a fraternal organization focused on service, life insurance, and charity. They contribute to local, statewide, national, and international charities; the Knights are large supporters of the intellectual developmental disability community both financially and with volunteering. Each year, they give scholarships to elementary and high school students and organize multiple community events such as the weekly Friday Fish Fry during Lent.

Ladies Auxiliary is a group of women that support the Knights of Columbus in all their functions. Additionally, they contribute financially to St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Samaritan House homeless shelter, and provide school supplies for children before the start of each school year.

Marthas Ministry is a group of volunteers that organize funeral receptions. They cook and donate food, and set up the reception area, providing a warm place for families to gather and grieve together. Contact: Nancy Shelton

Spirit Ministry: Each Sunday, parishioners with physical and developmental special needs meet for three hours, for activities and a program tailored for them. They additionally have a designated Mass every month.

St. Vincent de Paul Society has been at Queen of Peace for more than 40 years. Five days a week, volunteers help people in need with temporary shelter, rental assistance, utility assistance, petty cash, local bus tickets, and grocery store food certificates.



Welcome Ministry: The role of this ministry is to welcome visitors and newcomers to our parish, and to help fully integrate all our brothers and sisters into the life of the parish! Specific functions of this ministry include helping to coordinate new parishioner registrations, coordinating the monthly welcome tours, and assisting out at the welcome desk after the weekend masses.

Event Planning:  The event planning ministry dedicates itself to the planning and execution of special events. Volunteers help coordinate event setup, menu and food preparation, serving, and cleanup. Contact Johnathon Prather for more information.

Discipleship Committee: The discipleship committee is a group of individuals whose mission is to help Queen of Peace parishioners live as true disciples of Christ, with their time, talent, treasures, and vocation.



Contact: Erin Murdock

The African Catholic Society joins the Santinig Choir once each month to add their uplifting and inspiring music to the 11:30 Mass. In addition to singing with the Santinig Choir, ACS has several opportunities to perform throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, Marian, & more!)

The Celebration Singers provide beautiful choral arrangements of traditional hymns and anthems for the 9:30 Sunday Mass. This choir rehearses  Thursday evenings from 7-9 and also performs at various concerts throughout the year. They are currently in immediate need of vocalists, instrumentalists, and a sound technician.

Hispanic Choirs
6:30pm Saturday Mass - A traditional choir that welcomes vocalists and instrumentalists! The 6:30 Choir rehearses on Fridays at 7pm.  

1:30pm Sunday Mass - The 1:30 Choir is a diverse group of varying ages and musical styles, including both traditional and contemporary. Rehearsals are on Fridays at 7pm.

7:00pm Sunday Mass - The 7:00 Choir presents liturgical music in a contemporary style with instruments and voices. The Spanish Young Adults (ages 18-30) also join the 7:00 Choir once each month. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 7pm. 

The Santinig Choir provides music for the 11:30 Sunday Mass. This choir rehearses each Wednesday evening from 7-9 and represents a beautiful combination of diverse music from chant to contemporary. The Santinig Choir also performs at the Christmas Concert, Marian Concert, and more! They are currently in immediate need of vocalists and string players. 

The Cherubs serve as Queen of Peace’s Children’s Choir! We welcome children in 1st-5th Grade. Our goal is to teach the children traditional hymns and songs to sing at one Mass each month. Cherubs will also be welcome to participate in parish concerts. Weekly Cherubs rehearsals will be determined after surveying parents to choose the best day and time.

The Youth Praise & Worship Choir is a contemporary ensemble that  leads music at the Sunday 5:00pm Youth Mass and occasionally contributes music for other church events as needed throughout the year. They currently have openings for male and female vocalists, an electric bass player, percussionist, and other instrumentalists. All music enthusiasts (especially teenagers and college-aged students!) are encouraged to contact the ensemble director if God is asking you to consider participating in this ministry! Rehearsals are Mondays from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Other Music Ministry Opportunities
The parish cantor is a person of faith dedicated to the ongoing study and awareness of the message of Scripture. Since the human voice is the vehicle for the sung expression of faith, a certain demonstrated ability of vocal competence is necessary to lead the assembly in sung prayer. Further, a willingness to grow in faith and an understanding of the importance of prayerful presence to the assembly is foundational.

Instrumentalists: If you play an instrument, consider giving your talent to the parish assembly on a regular, occasional or seasonal basis. A willingness to assist the parish in prayer with the additional sounds of strings, brass, woodwinds, guitar, or piano will bring great personal satisfaction! A violin instruction class is offered each Thursday afternoon. Registration is required.

Music Librarians: If you enjoy organization, you might be a great Music Librarian! Librarians distribute needed materials (music books, announcements, schedules, etc) to choirs for rehearsal and Mass each week.

Sound Technicians: If you have a song in your heart for the Lord but do not wish to sing with a choir, please consider assisting the Music Ministry as a sound technician! Sound technicians set up microphones for the choirs before Mass (except 4PM Saturday and 7:30AM Sunday) and control the sound board during Mass. All training will be provided.



Contact: Stephanie Cain

Altar Servers: help facilitate our Eucharistic liturgies in a regular and reverent manner.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC): Assist the priests and deacons at Mass with distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Hospitality Ministers: Exhibit a warm welcome to all parishioners and visitors attending Mass. Activities include greeting, seating, assisting the physically disabled, collecting the offertory, and assisting with the preparation of the gifts and the Communion procession.

Hospitality Ministers: Exhibit a warm welcome to all parishioners and visitors.  Activities include greeting, seating, assisting the physically disabled, collecting the offertory, and assisting with the preparation of the gifts and the Communion procession.  Help as needed during the year with special liturgical events. Meetings are held as needed.

Lectors: A lector is a Minister of the Word who proclaims God’s Word to the assembled faith community.

Sacristans are responsible for the care, cleaning, and preparing of the sacristy and liturgical equipment and supplies necessary for the celebration of the Mass.