Betanias (Spanish): A group of women who meet weekly to discuss issues such as immigration, health issues, parenting, grandparenting, marriage, and divorce through the perspective of a woman. Contact: Mercedes Montes

Endow: Transforming the hearts and minds of women by inviting them into the joy, freedom, and dignity that come from living out their authentic femininity in Christ. Contact: Val Goshorn, Valerie Bailey, Magda Renteria

That Man is You:  an interactive, multimedia men’s program meeting early morning once a week to develop authentic male leadership, especially for men who have children at home.  The group, varying in age, study the leadership role that has been entrusted to men by God and addresses the temptations and struggles men face in a culture that attacks authentic manhood.  Contact:  Jeff Cann

Well-Read Mom is made up of a group of women who gather to discuss classical literary works from the western and Catholic tradition. Contact: Sarah Sehorn