(All are welcome to be a part of this project! If you have a skill or talent that you’d like to share but doesn’t fit one of the committees below, please contact Dana Molina)

Building Committee is composed of a small group of invited professionals with expertise in the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, and the like, to plan and advise the pastor on building matters, specifically, the new parish center.  If you may have skills to share in this area, please contact: Dennis Haberkorn

Capital Campaign: The upcoming capital campaign for our new parish center will need many volunteers to make phone calls, visit parishioners, and encourage others to be a part of this wonderful project. If you are interested, please contact Dana Molina

Fundraising Committee: A group of parishioners with knowledge in fundraising gather to brainstorm and advise pastor on raising and properly using funds for the new parish center.  Contact: Dana Molina

Prayer Committee: A group focused on praying and organizing group prayer for new parish center building project. All our building efforts are sustained and encouraged by prayer warriors who spend time with God interceding for this much-needed endeavor. Contact: Stephanie Cain

Short term Commitments.  These have been mentioned as needed:

Short-term assignments of 1-2 hours on an as needed basis, per project.  No long-term commitment.

Child care services – someone to coordinate building a list of caregivers who would provide care and supervise activities for children while parents attend parish activities. Dates and time will vary.  

Data Entry help as needed.  

Graphic artist skills to occasionally assist Communications Director.  Contact Dana Molina

Translator – Bilingual speakers are needed to translate documents from English into Spanish.  Contact:  Dana Molina

Help with Vocation Discernment program for young women and boys.