Why do we need a new parish center?

Queen of Peace is a vibrant, diverse, and growing parish that serves thousands of people. We are blessed to have more than 100 different ministries, more than 1,000 students in our Religious Education program, about 60 weddings and several hundreds of baptisms each year, and more than 10,000 people using our facilities every week. Our facilities are used by the more than 50 people preparing to enter the Church, to prepare couples who are getting married in the Church, for grieving care meetings, senior group luncheons, Baptism classes, AA meetings, ESL classes, counseling meetings, and so much more!

Our current parish center buildings are not fit for this much activity. These buildings were built to last ten years, yet we’ve been using them for more than 40, and they have reached an irreparable state of deterioration. The damage to them is simply unsafe. Rebuilding isn’t a luxury, it’s an urgent necessity.

More than a building, we are building up the Body of Christ, providing a welcoming home for thousands of Catholics, and laying the groundwork for a bright future of our Catholic Church in Aurora for many years to come!


Our new building will have areas of encounter with God and with our neighbor, such as an Adoration Chapel, a 300-seat daily Mass Chapel/Conference Center, an information desk, a Seniors’ room, a Bridal room, a Nursery center, a Youth room, a Bible Study/Prayer center, a religious store where we can buy Catholic materials and gifts, and a café where we can sit and spend time with each other. Our new 450-seat parish hall, with a fully equipped commercial kitchen will allow us to have wedding receptions and host large events that will bring us together and give witness to our unity within our diversity. Our new facilities will improve our outreach ministries through designated spaces for Gabriel House, Saint Vincent de Paul, and a food bank. Faith formation will become a whole new experience for youth and adults – with ample, well-equipped classrooms, a Catholic Discovery Center, an audiovisuals center, and a library. Our new music, choir and art rooms will help our ministries and give us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Christ and His Church.


Our current facilities are in an irreparable state - with shingles containing asbestos and falling off the wall, a deterioration foundation, the Great Room not up to code, mold in Nevin Hall, cracked sidewalks and more.