My name is Fr. Felix, and I am the pastor (literally, "shepherd") at Queen of Peace. As pastor, I am the spiritual "father" of our parish family. As a father, I give my life for my children and I form children of God, by teaching and leading them to stay with Christ, and to receive the Holy Spirit. I am honored and blessed to coordinate a wonderful team of brothers and sisters in love with Christ and with his Ch urch.

My family lives in Spain. I am the oldest of two boys. I have four nephews. Growing up, I never thought of becoming a priest. I studied science. --> Read More


Father Mathias is from Cameroon, his native tongue is Bassa. He is also fluent in English, French, Italian and he is currently working on his Spanish.

He is the third of seven siblings - five boys and two girls. Growing up, Father Mathias only attended Catholic school and went to Mass with his family daily. Serving the church early on helped him discern his vocation at a young age.

“I knew that I wanted to be a priest ever since I was an altar server as a young boy” he said.

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Father Julio, Parochial Vicar

My name is Julio Cesar Amezcua Martin. I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and lived there with my parents Ildefonso and Rosa and with my two older siblings in the neighborhood of Chamartín. In 2003 I moved to Denver to learn English and have an experience in another country. This experience lasted longer than I thought since I entered College and ended up graduating with a major in Psychology. After finishing my studies at Metro I started working planning to continue my studies after a year. However, the Lord had other plans. In 2009 I entered the Redemptoris Mater Seminary after a period of discernment. The mercy of God has carried me through during this time of formation. February 10th last year I was ordained a Deacon for the Archdiocese of Denver and I was assigned to Holy Cross Parish in Thornton. This last year I had a wonderful experience as a Deacon; I have learned a lot and the parishioners at Holy Cross have treated me extremely well and have taught me many things. Now I am very happy about my future ordination on May 25th . God willing I will be ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Denver by Archbishop Aquila. He has decided to send me to Queen of Peace for my first assignment and this is something that I am very thankful for. I am very happy, with a big desire to grow in intimacy with Lord, to meet and serve the parishioners and to be with Father Felix who has been a great help for me in my vocation.


Hey there! I am Deacon Efra Pruneda. I have been married to Lili for 30 years and have three boys: Efrain 28, Eduardo 25 who is married to my beautiful daughter in law Jill, and Ricardo 19. We moved to Denver from Toluca, Mexico in 1999. Even though I am a cradle Catholic, I didn’t know my faith nor had a relationship with Christ. So when we moved to this country, I felt alone in a foreign land, with no friends or family other than my wife and my children. It was then when we stated attending Mass at Queen of Peace that the homilies I heard for the first time in my life ignited a fire in my soul, and the Lord opened my heart to His love! I didn’t find God, he found me! So in 2011 I entered the seminary to become a Permanent Deacon.

My favorite thing about the Catholic Church is that--> Read More


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, my name is Deacon Dave Thompson. I was born in South Dakota when my dad was stationed in Rapid City. We moved to Denver when I was 11 months old so I remember nothing about South Dakota. I was raised in Denver and attended Denver Public Schools. I graduated from the University of Colorado. My wife, Vicki, and I were married at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Aurora. We have two daughters (Katrina and Natalie) and one son (Nick). In April of 2017 we were blessed with our first granddaughter.

Before becoming a deacon, I entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil on April 2, 1988. Vicki and I were involved with many ministries over the years including Marriage Encounter, Marriage Prep, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, lector, and Franciscan Mystery Players. We home schooled our three children for eight years. After that I taught math, science, religion, and technology at ->Read More

DENNIS HABERKORN, Business manager

Welcome!  I am Dennis Haberkorn, the Business Manager here at Queen of Peace Parish.  It is my privilege to have served here since November 2013.  I have been married to Sandra for 35 years, and we have been blessed with three children, a soon-to-be married daughter, a son in seminary in Ireland, and a son currently attending St. James School.  We live in Louisville, having moved here from Iowa in 1983.

It is amazing to see how God is working in my life and in my family since hearing a catechesis through the Neocatechumenal Way ten years ago.  One of many blessings is having the opportunity to serve the Church under the guidance of Fr. Felix (both here at Queen of Peace and previously at St. James) these past several years!

DANA MOLINA, Director of Communications

Hi, my name is Dana Molina, and I’m excited to be at Queen of Peace! I started in January 2016. I’m originally from Chicago and moved to Colorado in 2012. (I’m definitely liking the winters much better here!). But when I get the chance, I like to go back to visit my family.

 I grew up Catholic, but I really reconnected with my faith a few years ago. I must admit, I was very lukewarm for a long time. But after facing some difficulty after college, God gave me the grace to turn to Him and His church. He opened the door for me to begin a new walk of faith, which has slowly reintroduced me to many things, like the beauty of the Sacraments, of spending time with His Word and of being in communion with other faithful.

 I am so grateful that I now get to serve God here at Queen of Peace.





I am Gabi Braud. I have been a parishioner at Queen of Peace for over 20 years. I have been working in education for the past 10 years and am excited to bring the knowledge that I have learned to the Religious Education program that I love. It's exciting that the path God has laid out for me has led me back home where I can grow.




My name is Gabriela Martinez and I am the youngest of 10 siblings. My family came to Colorado from El Salvador 23 years ago. My parents came across Queen of Peace, and since setting foot in the parish, we haven’t left. I grew up here, took religious education classes, and was an altar server. Queen of peace is my place of refuge, the place that’s helped me come to the foot of the cross and not be afraid to follow Christ’s footsteps. I am so honored to be given the opportunity to serve Christ and all of you in this mission of evangelization.