Dear Queen of Peace brothers and sisters:

I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my deepest Christmas greetings! As we work together to build a home for our faith family through our Capital Campaign, it is such a great blessing to share with all of you the beauty, joy, hope and glory of our Savior's Birth!

Everything that is human—our history, our struggles, our families, jobs, conflicts and relationships — have been embraced and transformed forever by Christ's humble birth in Bethlehem. The small Child in the Manger draws us with bonds of love to make of us one with God and with each other! The poor Infant in Mary's lap speaks the language of every human heart. He shares our same struggles and overcomes all barriers and divisions with the power of the one Holy Spirit.

In Bethlehem, we discover the Way, the Truth and the Life all peoples are longing to discover: the Omnipotent, everlasting, and Eternal God is born in the weakness and poverty of our human flesh. God's humility is the Light that dispels the darkness of human selfishness, arrogance, violence, and division, and opens the way to unity and reconciliation.

The Creator has become a creature. Now, human history is divine history. God is with us!  God exists and He is here, in every person and every event! Not as an infinitely distant power that can at best terrify us; not as a nice belief or idea; not as a law that punishes us if we don’t fulfill it. God is a person like us, who gives His life us in the wonderful exchange of the Incarnation.

Dear friends: The Good News of Christmas needs to be shared and announced to so many around us who no longer rejoice and are excited by the Birth of our Savior. Queen of Peace has the unique blessing of being able to witness to thousands of people how the Small Infant of Bethlehem tears down all walls of separation and gives us His Peace. This is the time to share with our family and friends how powerful is the gift of Jesus Christ in our life! This is the time to bring others to the miracle of Christmas through our sacrificial support of our new Parish Center.

The true meaning of Christmas is found in the Eucharist. God has become the Bread of Life come down from heaven in total humility for the salvation of the world. He has assumed our humanity in order to make us sharers of his  divine life, unity and love. He has become human to feed our interior hunger and give up his life for us.

Merry Christmas Season to you and to all your loved ones! Sadness has no place on the birthday of Life.

In Christ,

Fr. Félix P. Medina-Algaba,