Hi, my name is Roxana. I started working at the reception desk, and now I am the Office Assistant. I work in different parish projects directly with Fr Felix, business manager, director of Hospitality and parishioners. I am the third of four children and I am currently going to college in the hopes of one day become a Respiratory Therapist.

Something I love about working at Queen of Peace is that I can see the miracles that God makes in the life of people. I have seen beautiful reconciliations between family members after meeting with a priest.  Or how only 5 minutes a day before the Blessed Sacrament in the adoration chapel has changed dramatically the life of some parishioners. This job has taught me to leave my own wants and desires on the side to help others first. I have learned that I am called to do my best to do the things I am asked, because I know that the Lord will use it to bear fruit in others.