Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have asked that this website be created and continuously updated to ensure that the archdiocese is transparent about our handling, prevention, and response policies in regards to the sexual abuse of minors and misconduct. It will do that by offering an overview of our track record, providing context of the broader issue, sharing resources for anyone seeking healing from abuse, and serving as a channel for anyone who wants to have their voice heard.

The Archdiocese of Denver can never fully make right the sins of the past, but we are committed to always being a part of the healing process. As you familiarize yourself with these resources, I am hopeful that you will sense my strong resolve to lead all of you through this time. Due to decades of diligent efforts, we are confident that we are not experiencing a “crisis” within the Archdiocese of Denver. Also, be assured that I support the involvement of the laity in an independent investigation into the various facets of the wider crisis within the Church.

I have said to the Lord, “I don’t care how messy it gets, as long as the truth prevails. Purify the heart and conscience, O Lord, of every disciple with your Spirit of Truth, so they will seek to follow only your will Father. That every disciple may come to know you, love you and serve you alone!”

Do not lose heart. Join me in showing support for the wonderful priests and lay faithful that serve throughout our archdiocese and beyond. Together, we can fight for the purification and ongoing sanctification of the Catholic Church that we love.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ fortify and bless you all,

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila


Father Felix will preside Masses for the reparation for sins against all the commandments on the following dates:

  • Friday Sep. 28th 8am  

  • Friday Oct. 26th 8am

  • Sunday Nov. 25th 7pm 

  • Fri. Dec. 28th 8am