What is Discipleship/Stewardship at Queen of Peace?

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace…
— 1 Peter 4:10

Discipleship is living life in a way that shows the world that we are followers of Christ. Discipleship is using our time, talent and treasure to build God’s kingdom. This way of life springs from the realization that everything we are and have is a gift from God.  Once we accept this as truth, it is easy to live a daily life in thanksgiving to God for all of His blessings – our life, our family and friends, our health, work, material possessions, our faith and much more.

What identifies a steward?  Safeguarding material and human resources and using them responsibly is one answer; so is generous giving of time, talent and treasure.  As baptized Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share a portion of them lovingly in support of others, and return them with increase to the Lord.  We will be called to give God an accounting of how we used His gifts when He calls us home. (USCCB)

In other words, Discipleship....

1. Is first realizing that everything we have comes from God

2. Springs from gratitude not merely obligation  

3. Is building a kingdom that lasts

4. Has it's core foundation in prayer

5. Is putting God first, trusting in his goodness to provide, and giving our "first fruits." Remember, God can never be out given.

6. Is what we were made for. Only when we align our thoughts, actions, and desires with God can we be truly satisfied in this life.

Why do we at Queen of Peace call it Discipleship?

While most parishes practice Stewardship, our pastor, Father Felix, prefers to call this practice “Discipleship” because we are taking steps to becoming good disciples (followers of Christ) who will be sent to evangelize.  “Stewardship is an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives.” (Stewardship, A Disciple’s Response.)  As Christians, we should be living discipleship every day, in all we do. He calls on us to multiply these gifts of time, talent and treasure and to return a part of them to Him with a joyful heart. When He calls us home, we will be asked to give a rendering of what we did with those gifts.

 Five objectives:

  1. Discipleship of Prayer make time for God in daily prayer and to worship at Mass, at least once a week or more

  2. Discipleship of Faith grow and nurture our faith so that we can share it with others

  3. Discipleship of Time and Talent (en Español) participate by sharing our time and talents/skills for the common good:

  4. Discipleship of Treasure Give back to God cheerfully, giving our treasure with an open heart:

  5. Discipleship of Vocations promote and support all vocations, especially those who may have a calling to shepherd God’s flock with a life of dedication to the priesthood, diaconate or religious life

4 Pillars

HOSPITALITY: We strive to extend a warm, hospitable and loving welcome to all who join us in worship, service, study, social, or in times of personal need. We assist our parish community in presenting a visible sign of Christ’s loving kindness in all we do.

PRAYER: We grow as disciples who are committed to prayer—individual and communal prayer, public and private prayer. Through prayer we are invited to draw closer to Jesus and to imitate Him in our daily lives. While Eucharist is central to our spiritual life, other prayer opportunities are made available.

FORMATION: We strive to educate, form and sustain the stewardship way of life for all ages through faith formation opportunities in the parish and school. We strive to be disciple stewards and give a good example as we participate in parish life. We are open to the continuous conversion to a life of stewardship.

SERVICE: We strive to be servant ministers to the need of our parish members and the wider community. We strive to serve compassionately those who are hurting or in need, lost or alone. We give thanks to God for all the gifts we have received and we celebrate the special events in the lives of parishioners. 


Jonathon Prather, Director of Discipleship

303-364-1056, ext. 2120



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