A Clear Path to a New Parish Center: Part 2

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about the responsibility we all have to be well-informed of where we stand in the rebuilding of our new parish center and how important it is to speak accurately and honestly, so we don’t spread contradictory or confusing information. After all, this is everyone’s project and everyone’s new home. It is essential to know the true facts about our parish center building project, and avoid that negative and confusing talk that only serves to discourage and put roadblocks to a beautiful and successful faith work God is blessing so much!

You may remember we first announced plans for a new parish center at our 48th anniversary celebration last year. Even before that, the work had already begun. Parish committees and building professionals reviewed the building plans of the previous capital campaign and revisited the old site plan. While the plan was workable, it was also very costly, and it was determined that the parish could save a great deal of money by building a new parish center on the foundation of the existing center.  It would change the site plan, but even factoring in the cost of a new site plan, it would save money. 

Before moving forward with new plans, it was important to hear from everyone. That’s why last January, we organized Listening Sessions, giving you all the opportunity to share with our architect your wishes for the new parish center. The response was incredible! Nearly 1,500 of you showed up to the sessions to share your enthusiasm and ideas. Our team of architects took your ideas and designed a new building, incorporating all of the features asked for.

Last March, we conducted a feasibility study to help us determine whether people liked the plans, wanted to build a new parish center, and would support the project. It was very encouraging to see that such a large majority said this project is much-needed and overdue and that building the new parish center will help everyone become more involved in parish life. Regarding the designs, it was said that we should have a more modest building, so we want back to the architects and asked them to make changes. They came back with a still beautiful, but more modest design, by reducing the square footage by 25% and removing features like the proposed bell tower, catholic discovery center, and library.

As we move forward with our plans, looking ahead to a capital campaign, I ask that you keep this project in your heart, remembering that it is yours. Your home. Your legacy for your children and grandchildren and future generations of Catholics looking for a place to encounter Christ. If there are any questions you still have, any ideas, or any gifts or talents you would like to give to this project, please email newparishcenter@queenofpeace.net. Remember, we also have our group of volunteers visiting the different ministries to answer questions. If you would like a visit for your ministry, send an email to the address above.

In Christ,

Father Felix P. Medina-Algaba