Contact: Erin Murdock

The African Catholic Society joins the Santinig Choir once each month to add their uplifting and inspiring music to the 11:30 Mass. In addition to singing with the Santinig Choir, ACS has several opportunities to perform throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, Marian, & more!)

The Celebration Singers provide beautiful choral arrangements of traditional hymns and anthems for the 9:30 Sunday Mass. This choir rehearses  Thursday evenings from 7-9 and also performs at various concerts throughout the year. They are currently in immediate need of vocalists, instrumentalists, and a sound technician.

Hispanic Choirs
6:30pm Saturday Mass - A traditional choir that welcomes vocalists and instrumentalists! The 6:30 Choir rehearses on Fridays at 7pm.  

1:30pm Sunday Mass - The 1:30 Choir is a diverse group of varying ages and musical styles, including both traditional and contemporary. Rehearsals are on Fridays at 7pm.

7:00pm Sunday Mass - The 7:00 Choir presents liturgical music in a contemporary style with instruments and voices. The Spanish Young Adults (ages 18-30) also join the 7:00 Choir once each month. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 7pm. 

The Santinig Choir provides music for the 11:30 Sunday Mass. This choir rehearses each Wednesday evening from 7-9 and represents a beautiful combination of diverse music from chant to contemporary. The Santinig Choir also performs at the Christmas Concert, Marian Concert, and more! They are currently in immediate need of vocalists and string players. 

The Cherubs serve as Queen of Peace’s Children’s Choir! We welcome children in 1st-5th Grade. Our goal is to teach the children traditional hymns and songs to sing at one Mass each month. Cherubs will also be welcome to participate in parish concerts. Weekly Cherubs rehearsals will be determined after surveying parents to choose the best day and time.

The Youth Praise & Worship Choir is a contemporary ensemble that  leads music at the Sunday 5:00pm Youth Mass and occasionally contributes music for other church events as needed throughout the year. They currently have openings for male and female vocalists, an electric bass player, percussionist, and other instrumentalists. All music enthusiasts (especially teenagers and college-aged students!) are encouraged to contact the ensemble director if God is asking you to consider participating in this ministry! Rehearsals are Mondays from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Other Music Ministry Opportunities
The parish cantor is a person of faith dedicated to the ongoing study and awareness of the message of Scripture. Since the human voice is the vehicle for the sung expression of faith, a certain demonstrated ability of vocal competence is necessary to lead the assembly in sung prayer. Further, a willingness to grow in faith and an understanding of the importance of prayerful presence to the assembly is foundational.

Instrumentalists: If you play an instrument, consider giving your talent to the parish assembly on a regular, occasional or seasonal basis. A willingness to assist the parish in prayer with the additional sounds of strings, brass, woodwinds, guitar, or piano will bring great personal satisfaction! A violin instruction class is offered each Thursday afternoon. Registration is required.

Music Librarians: If you enjoy organization, you might be a great Music Librarian! Librarians distribute needed materials (music books, announcements, schedules, etc) to choirs for rehearsal and Mass each week.

Sound Technicians: If you have a song in your heart for the Lord but do not wish to sing with a choir, please consider assisting the Music Ministry as a sound technician! Sound technicians set up microphones for the choirs before Mass (except 4PM Saturday and 7:30AM Sunday) and control the sound board during Mass. All training will be provided.